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sofla_show_taxi's Journal

South Florida Show Taxi Company
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12 tribes, 18 visions, 18visions, 7a7p, 7angels 7plagues, 80s music, a jealousy issue, all hell breaks loose, american nightmare, anger, as the sun sets, at the drive in, atreyu, avenged sevenfold, bane, banging, billy idol, biohazard, blood brothers, blood for blood, body piercing, boy sets fire, boys night out, brothers keeper, cave in, celebrity, clica, coalesce, codeseven, coheed and cambria, comeback kid, converge, curl up and die, dance floor justice, darkest hour, dashboard confessional, daughters, day music died, deftones, destro, dillinger escape plan, discordance axis, drowning man, eighteen visions, evergreen terrace, every time i die, family guy, figure four, fischerspooner, forstella ford, from autumn to ashes, futurama, get up kids, glasseaster, glasseater, god forbid, good clean fun, hatebreed, hoods, hopesfall, into the moat, jack black, juliana theory, kid gorgeous, knives out, le tigre, lost prophets, lyrics, madball, mastodon, melt banana, method man, miami hardcore, mindless self indulgence, misery signals, moshing, most precious blood, movies, mr. bungle, never in red, new found glory, nora, norma jean, oasis, on broken wings, open hand, outkast, peaches, pedro the lion, piercings, poison the well, radiohead, rage against the machine, remembering never, requiem for a dream, revolver, satan's third nipple, saves the day, school for heroes, sex, sex on the beach, shai hulud, shaking my ass, shows, sigur ros, singing, snapcase, soothsayer, stretch arm strong, stretch armstrong, strife, strongarm, suicide machines, sum41, sworn enemy, tattoos, tenacious d, terror, the agency, the beaten path, the bled, the blood brothers, the family guy, the get up kids, the getup kids, the hope conspiracy, the locust, the red chord, the simpsons, this day forward, throwdown, thursday, transistor transistor, trust no one, twelve tribes, twice the sun, tyranny of shaw, u2, underoath, unearth, unsilent reign, until the end, walls of jericho, wfawm, what wishes cant mend, when dreams die, zeno